Friday, April 11, 2008

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Grab a coffee kids... Now sit down and let me tell you a little story... Well you know me, its never a short written story, but hook in anyway.

I wasn't quite sure how I should go about approaching this post, but the more I think about it, I decided that front on would be the best approach. I have an issue with the Recovery supplement that I was supplied. Now you naturally may see the word 'issue', and this that there is something wrong with the product, but nothing could be further from the truth. The issue is with me, and this story serves mostly to highlight the type of people that stand behind these product.

The problem I have stems from a bit of a misadventure, and is a reasonably funny story in its own right. Back a few years ago, a mate and I realised that a local creek flooded on a heavy rain storm, set up a high tension line above a rapid, with a ski handle on a pully below it. One was then able to stand on a bodyboard and surf the standing wave produced by the rapid in high flood. Awesome!

Not so awesome, the cats, possums and shopping trolley's that also inhabit this creek on flood...
The creek looked a great deal more like this...

Result - Giardia for me. Misdiagnosed for a while as its reasonably rare in downtown East Malvern (unless you swim in creeks..) 6 months of quite brutal drugs, after 3 years of CFS and I'm left with what we will call a temperamental digestive system. Things like onion, garlic, certain preservatives and a few vegetables are ones we have identified as bad news, with more adding as we go.. So its pretty ordinary, and makes me almost the boy in the bubble some days.

My problem with the Recovery, and only Recovery, stems from what we believe is an intolerance to a few (or those who know me might say a lot) particular parts of some foods. After my first attempt at the product, I had reasonably unpleasant reaction, but decided to persevere. After a few different attempts with different concoctions, we reached the conclusion that it was in fact the Recovery, and I discontinued its use. I made my observations and experiences clear to the guys at Ascend, and we agreed to have a call conference to talk about it. The guys were especially keen to have a chat, apparently this was the first they'd heard of any problems.

Present amongst others was Dr. Ross Crittenden, who has recently joined MG Nutritionals as R&D Manager for Biologics and Nutrition, with clinical research expertise in food allergy and food intolerances. I'd say he'd be a pretty good bloke to have a chat to about this drama! So we had a good chat about the problems and symptoms that I experienced and decided on the back of that conference that the problem for me lies somewhere in the flavour compounds used, and agreed to trial some new 'flavours' (its not like just adding milo here people...) over time to see if there is something in them that is not agreeing with me.

Regardless of my problem, the point of this story is once again, to show that this product is made by people who have a detailed understanding of the needs of athletes, the aims and goal with which they aim to achieve and how Ascend can be of assistance to everyone of them. This is a case of the actual manufacturer taking on board feedback from the real world and factoring it into their product. This can only lead to a better product for everyone out there, and for me included!

Finally I must add, in a twist of irony, that it turns out the 'Recovery' product is not the best suited to my needs in the first place. After discussing how and why we use these products, it became clear that the 'Muscle' product is more suited to my needs, in conjunction with the Protein Catalyst. In the next post, I'll go into a bit more detail on which products we use and why we use them, but everyone has done well to get this far!

Thats enough reading for one day, everyone. Well done!


Randall said...

what about us lactose intollerant folks?(channelling Rohin for spelling dutys today)