Saturday, June 28, 2008

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On the back of the World's last week, I noticed some news this morning thats bitter sweet. It would appear that both Dan McConnell and Chris Jongewaard are in the running for the only Olympic MTB position, and it would appear that the AOC has decided to award it to DMac! Whilst both riders use OzRiders products like us, we hate to see the olympics come down to a legal battle once again, similar to the last one with Chris and Josh Fleming (wasn't it?).

Make up your own mind if Chris should be Australia's representative, but either way, OzRiders products will be making their way to China, and thats an awesome result!

The 'full' story is here, but I guess rules are rules in the eyes of the AOC.

I'll post some pictures up of our new gear atop our bikes later, but we're very happy with them thus far. A ride tomorrow in anger will tell us more!!Talk is that Jason has gone 'Michael Jackson' on his bars, can you imagine?!

And finally, on Hell Ride, I rocked along with fellow Ascend athlete John Claxton. Today he was 'resting' but being the animal that he is, we rolled off the front of the bunch for the first part of the ride - me cross eyed and saying little, him wondering what the problem was! Seriously though, John was well behaved, and working himself into great nick for the upcoming world 24Solo champs. And as a mark of shame, I'm going to post the only photo I took of Johnny.... What a POS that is, my apologies... I believe that he'll pop up a few pic's over on his blog so check them as mine are rubbish...

Also good to see the Salsa Amigo's Carson and Simon out there with the skinny tire boys, albeit in a mad rush to get to work the long way.

The svelte F1C is still still as smooth, light and supple as ever, mixing it with all the hitters uphill, down and on the flats!!

And with that, I hope to have some pics with our new grips and a great new ride tommorrow for you! Thanks for your time, now get out there!!