Monday, June 23, 2008 joins with Felt Epix

In some exciting news just in, Jason and I will now be running OzRiders High Density foam grips, joining an already exclusive roster of riders. With a selection of white, higher density grips, and the more rubbery black compound to chose from, we've got our bars covered so to speak.

I've also been privileged enough to cast eyes on the new tyre related product that the Ozriders are developing. I can tell you its the product of a lot of passion, a great deal of research, plenty of chemical and material lab testing (seriously!) and its AUSTRALIAN MADE!! I know that its better than the competition, as I've been using it for a few months now, and from what I gather, its going to be more affordable than the competition whilst remaining Australian made!

And whilst the trails are still ridable, and people get all antsy about snow falling soon, I thought I'd combine the two :). Grips and Chainstay protectors never looked so good, than when they were on the back of the piste-ie beastie (thats snow groomer for those who don't speak idiot like me)

So with thanks to, you'll be seeing these grips in all sorts of bizarre and inaccessible places!