Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Onto the second installment, we find that we are following the Mullum Mullum Creek. The fog was still making itself known, the temperatures were bloody cold, and we were having a great time!!

Bellie really finds....

..... that the secret to success....

... is repetition!!

We had all the trappings of a gen-u-ine Epix, complete with river crossings!

Heading towards the Eastlink Tunnel, we rode a bit of construction zone singletrack. It seems that they've let it fall into a bit of disrepair, but we gave it a good run through, offered some suggestions and improvments to the rent-a-cops and headed on our way.

Below was the entry to the new tunnel, and every man and his dog was trying to sneakily get past the blokes in the jackets.. I think they had seen just about all the tricks in the books, and there was one at every entrance that we tried to get into... Dammit! :)

In the very next photo, Grover managed to sink it to the second knuckle - impressive!!

Hey thats me! Lucky socks there! Niiice.... Never let me down, those bad boys!

And so after leaving the beloved Eastlink and its constructive mass, we headed via bitumen to Croydon, and the bakery for some well earned warm food. Grover was pretty happy to buy a bakery with sauce...

And we now know what fuels Bellie...

But I have to leave you today with a photo of Matt, whilst its out of sequence, this is the sight of a man looking up the next hill knowing that the dash is showing a full board of red lights and its all going to get pretty brutal from here....!

I thought I'd swipe Grovers GPS plot of the ride, as mine had a little knap for a while, making his more complete. For all the details including the map, the distance and the elevations - Click here

Till the next post and a whole lot more photos...! Enjoy the still winter days, and I know my Nightlightnings just keep keeping on, making me a happy little camper (with bloody cold toes!)

And for the record, its tuesday night and I'm still smashed....