Sunday, June 22, 2008

So after my mildly optimistic post yesterday in regards to coverage of the Worlds, it would appear that its only the downhill disciplines that get a mention, but do yourself a favour and watch Sam Hill's run....

It is amazing, even if you know nothing of downhill bicycle riding, the sheer pace that he descends with is just mind blowing. And to see how it ends up just makes you sigh.

Check it out!

2nd to last corner, at least 6 whole seconds up, and he binned it. Coulda shoulda woulda? Paraphrased - 'its worlds, I had it pinned, I went to hard, fell over, got up, still got a medal'. Honest, succinct, but do you reckon he put a hole in side of the motorhome when he got away from the public eye?

And check out Amiel's crash if you can find it on - Huge!!

Sadly neither Jason or myself were able to make it to the Gingers farewell, but read all about it and wish him luck, as well as Rhino at the World Marathon Champs in a few short weeks. Good luck fellahs, and have a great trip in the Alp's!!

And with DMac and J-Blood luck amongst others as they chase the other whippets around the track at Val De Sol tonight our time. Paulie cracked it for a 50 somethink on a lap down, and Lachie ripped int0 the low 20's, but their blogs will have the full stories shortly I feel sure.