Friday, July 25, 2008

So we'd hoped to have some pretty pictures and such for you by now from during the week, but we're still working on it...

In the meantime, its all about Le Tour at the moment. My personal 10 ten in a sweep we had included Trevor in 3rd GC (hey it also had voelker in the top 10!) but regardless of the placings its still a great race and here's hoping Cadel gets some mongrel in him and smashes it to the yellow on saturday!

We should have some pictorial evidence for you shortly, 'till then enjoy the tour, the late nights and the lovely cool days!

This shot made me laugh from 'hardman' Tristan Bennett.

It was with the story (paraphrased) .... "Gone to Mt Bogong, back when my food runs out, good training for solo24 nationals...."

Mad bastard, I love it!!