Saturday, July 26, 2008

Another chilly early winters morning greeted us today, Jason and myself rolling out on the hell ride, with almost a complete set of po-po. Missing was only the copper chopper and we would have had the box set.... Seems like everyone had their SBS form today, a mind addled by watching really skinny fast guys chop each other to bits, and bought their legs that have spent the past 3 weeks sittin in front of the tube. Choppy choppy it was, but its all part of it. Big bunch too, mind.

Jase getting a noseful of pit.

It was bloody cold this morning, nice and clear, but watching our new Echowell cycle computers, we watched the temperature dip as low as 2 degrees down at Mt Eliza. It took a concerted effort to stay on top of our breathing in the cold air, as your body tries to make you take short breaths of cold air.

These new cycle computers that we've gotten a hold of, are great. The usual Echowell features like total waterproof-ness (is that a word?) and reliability are present, but this R2 brings added features like a thermometer, dual wireless operation of cadence and speed, the ability to swap between two bikes and cumulative totals of each ride, each bike and both bikes. With some nice low profile looks, easy fitment (done whilst not paying attention and watching the tour) and reliable performance, its a winner straight out of the box. Check out the Echowell R2 at your local decent bike store, they go pretty good! And on the plus side, they are very affordable!

Jason has also promised to edit up some video from last weeks ride too, so that should be coming to you shortly!

**edit; you also may notice that we've added another slide show to keep things moving. Pretty pictures 'n all! :)**