Sunday, July 27, 2008

World 24 Solo Champs

They're off...! Or on, as the case may be.

Results just in are:

Elite Men - 1.Kelly Magelky (USA) 2.Tinker Juarez (USA) 3.Jeff Toohey (AUS) 4.James Williamson (AUS) 5.John Claxton (AUS)

Elite Women - 1.Rebecca Rusch (USA) 2.Jennifer Gersbach (USA) 3.Kate Aardal (NOR) 4.Katrin Van der Spiegel (AUS) 5.Carena Dean (CAN)

Single Speed Men - 1.Lonn Bate (CAN) 2. Steve Fassbinder (USA) 3.Dereck Fish (USA) 4.Greg Martin (USA) 5.Ray Porter (USA)

Aparently the rain and wind are picking up, and everyone is scrambling to get everything in order for a weather change.

There is a start video posted on the Adrenaline site, you can see it here

I saw Johnny and English in the mix, and I think I saw Willow getting along there as well.

So, links to riders are now on the right, I'll post as much as I can find out, and we'll see how it all pans out!