Friday, August 22, 2008

Castlemaine and the Rocky Riders gettin it on!

This weekend sees a few events compile into one extravaganza. First Felt Epix finds itself with a number strapped to its bars, as we both head out onto an always great track for the Castlemaine 6 hour. This will be pretty much the first race I've done since hanging up the plates, and one of few that Jason has done, and it takes a special race to draw us back at maximum attack.

The Rocky Riders 6 hour, like I said a few post ago, is a really cool race. For me personally, it takes me back to the fun races that I attended when I started out. They may have always been fun in the interim, but I was trying to win them , so fun was overtaken a little by focus. With the 16 inch racing, the MTB on the big screen, the communal catered BBQ and the always lovingly created course, how could you not want to make it there!! Hell, I just hit my hand with an angle grinder, but I still want to ride it more than get some bandages out! Although my keyboard seems to think otherwise...

If you ask really really nicely on the day, I'm sure that the Rocky Riders can accommodate you for the race, so its no excuse not to ditch your home town and come down to a great event at Castlemaine.

In Epix news, we've got some exciting news too!! Its twofold, with a sensational deal that Ascend is offering the general public. We've been given an amount of cards that have a special code on them that offers the holder 15% off Ascend products purchased through the web! 15% off is a good deal whichever way you turn it, with a huge range of products on offer. In actual fact, we will have plenty of those products in a convenient sample size on offer at the race this coming weekend, as well as plenty of nutritional information on each of them. Secondly, I've been informed just today that Ascend are releasing an electrolyte drink, which we shall be trialling this weekend, which adds to their already extensive range of products. I've no pictures sadly to pretty this up, but there will be the whole 9 yards on Monday morning for you to have a look at.

So to sum up - come to Castlemaine this weekend, try out some new products for free that you wouldn't ordinarily have a look at, and get a great deal on anything that you like there!

Finally, the video I posted this morning - rubbish quality.. So I'll redo it in a higher resolution and get it up for you soonest.