Wednesday, September 24, 2008

SPEX has arrived!!

After much testing and development, we finally received the new SPEX line of products from!

Its been about 6 months since the idea was floated by, that a 'better mousetrap' could be invented for tyre sealant. I can say having using other brands for a while, as well as 'homemade' sealant, and the prototype SPEX, I believe that the SPEX is the best one I've used. The reason for that is 2 fold; firstly the granules, or SPEX that are suspended in the SPEX tyre sealant seem to work really well, and reliably. Often, tyre sealants are hit and miss. You might say 'oh, that hole was just too big to seal' but it seems that SPEX worked far more often than not, so I believe it is a better product. Secondly, it seems to last really well. I used another well known brand for a while, and it seemed to ball up quite readily. SPEX lasts a long time in its liquid state!

So, SPEX is now ready for purchase. is currently being updated, and the new site is due to go live next week. On the new site, there will be an online shop, as well as tech info and techniques for the new SPEX, and there will also be a launch of the new colours in the famous OzRiders HighDensity grips so be sure to check that out.

And finally, the bit that everyone wants to know...

A bottle of SPEX which contains 500ml with a screw cap and an induction seal (for safe transport), good for 10 tyres per bottle, will set you back $35. Search around, do the math, and see if you can find a better deal. Chances are, you won't! Absolutely top quality, lab tested (seriously!!)Australian made, developed for the riding conditions YOU ride, immediate shipping (subject to cleared funds) and a local Melbourne rider you all know who is behind it all!

SPEX - get on it now!

And naturally, we'll be letting you know how it goes as time goes by!

Send orders or any queries you might have to this address right here, and Jimmy will get back to you ASAP!

(more news to come for Felt Epix tommorrow.)


EDIT: Felt 2009!!

They're coming!!

Cycling news has all the latest information, but more specifically you can find it here

DintaBike is showing all the latest models and changes from Felt, and it would appear that they are taking on board our suggestions from our Epix rides! (thats a joke, we don't quite have that much pull..)

Regardless, the list of changes that will offer improvements to our style of adventure include a kinked down tube to run a standard front mech, slightly slacker head angle, increasingly beefed up linkages throughout, and the pivot hardware has been completely redone to minimize the chances of coming loose. So all up, its a more rigid, compact, user friendly setup, heading towards a full trail bike.

PERFECT!! Photos are all at Cycling news, but I can't seem to find a way to borrow them, so the links above will take you there! Remember, you saw it first here kids! (well second really, but hey..)