Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Another one bites the dust..

With the French sneakily developing a test for Gen. 17 EPO called CERA, and finally getting permission to start using it and acting on the results, the names have slowly started to tumble.

First (well not first exactly, but we'll call it that) was Schumacher (check his Wiki, he's been naughty before) and his littly climbing buddy Pieolpoli (sp?) following on from Ricco. This little story is here, and they have been given the ass.

Next comes a climber, more precisely the KOM and 3rd place overall, Bernie Kohl. I'll ask you, is this the lean gaunt face of a 3week tour cyclist??

I'd be more expecting something like this, not that he turned out to be any more reputable...

So the names, they keep a tumbling... Who'll go next??