Friday, October 24, 2008

With the good graces of Rohin Adams, we're able to bring you the latest from the Cape to Cape Mountain bike. After a flight that seemed to never end,
and a car trip to renew our carbon credit debt (we got a Toyota Prius), we made it to Hamlin Bay.

Whilst I don't have time to get much down, what we have found is:

*The race isn't actually a race, its a ride.
*WA has a lot of sand, and a course director that really likes to send us into it. We did a 2 km section on the actual beach, and it was very, very difficult.
*The race directors have put on a really great event, with still some things to learn about the actual ride/race component, they have made all the riders more
more than comforatble and convienent.
*WA is amazingly beautiful!
*James Williamson threw down in the sand of stage one, and was the first person to pass underneath the banner at the stage end (remember, not a race.)
*Stage 2 saw Rohin Adams make the most of an opportunity on the final climb to gap the rest of the group to hold us off in a muddled finish, to take the title
of first person under that banner.
*2 Stages to go and we're off to dinner right now.

Plenty of photos to come as you'd expect, the Ascend products are just racing out the door, and we're looking for another 55km tough stage tommorrow.

Make sure you check back later in the week, and we'll hopefully be able to bring you some more stories.