Sunday, October 19, 2008

Around the Bay...

A couple of weeks ago a good friend on mine held a fundraising night for the Neonatal Ward at the Royal Children’s Hospital. On the night a CSC team jersey was up for grabs which I was lucky enough to purchase. Bob Spagnolo from CSC formally known as the Gooch on channel 31 was the man behind the generous donation. CSC today played a big part in the around the bay in a day ride, having the biggest corporate team entered of around 200 riders. Unfortunately I was unable to take part in the ride due to family commitments.

I would like to thank Bob and the team at CSC for there contributions to the fundraiser night and with today’s ride. It’s great to see the big company’s putting there hand up to help out when it’s needed most.
As you can see in this pic, the Felt rxc team bike is fully pimped for this week’s race. Big thanks to BB’s Ben Randal for sorting out my front brake issue. Next time I bleed my brakes I will leave it to the experts or buy a proper bleed kit.

Well that’s it for me. Off to WA on Tuesday to race the Cape to Cape and really looking forward to it! This will be the first time I will race a four stage event so fingers crossed it may suit my riding style and with the right recovery products who knows what’s possible.

Thanks for stopping by, Jason J