Monday, January 12, 2009

Belated 2008 wrap

2008 was a huge year for us, both personally and with Felt Epix. From a little idea, we grew some truely fun and exciting projects, and with renewed energy after some personal time out for both of us, we're ready to hit it once again!

Our apologies for this being a little bit late, and turning into somewhat of a whimper, but feel free to cast your eyes downward at our small summery of our year. We find that often our posts are a little bit disjointed as we don't write them together, so this time, we've combined and bring you a pseudo mini interview.

Please make sure we're locked into your favorites (cntrl + B should do it) and keep on clickin' back. We're determined to make sure that we've got a constant supply of new and exciting stuff for your this year, building on the fun and adventure we had last year. Any comments and suggestions are always appreciated too, so keep them coming!

And so it begins!

What was your favourite Epix ride?

Ash: The Wonnonagatta Epix - the weather turned it on, the ride was a monster, we ran out of water, got geographically embarrassed, had to change the route a few times mid ride, had a great bunch of guys and the location was sensational. The whole trip, from the 4x4 entry to the ride and the departure from the valley with Randall's truck on empty and hours to travel, was just a great adventure!

Jason: Buller Epix- This was our first chance to test our nerves, equipment and bikes on a large scale and that we did. In the first 15 min we had already completed eight river crossings, then proceeded to ride off our map, no radio contact, climbed muddy rutted hills on foot, descended like mad men on one of the best descents Victoria has to offer (Klingsporn) and all of this was completed in solid rain. At the end all riders were overwhelmed by what we had achieved.

Best photograph of the year?


Jason: A Wonnangatta photo I took of Ash and Nat with the mountains in the background. I think it’s one of the only pics that can truly justify how steep that climb was.

Best dummy spit of the year?
Ash: Jason wanting to call the helicopter on the Grampians Epix. Funny, afterwards...!

Jason: All of the riders on the ADA tree Epix. Cutting their way through thick scrub as we all looked for this *big tree*, only to find more overgrown tracks. But true Epix style we got there in the end.

When did you think it all may be going horribly wrong?

Ash: Probably when we discovered that Randall had no fuel and we were a LONG way from anywhere with fully loaded trucks.

Jason: Buller Epix. Two hours of climbing only to find out that we are off the map. Equal first Grampians Epix. Running for hours not knowing what was ahead of us to get off the mountain before sunset.

Best save of the year on the bike?

Ash: For sure Jason's tankslapper down near Corn hill Road on the Buller Epix. Super steep descent, water bars, pouring rain, cold and slightly misplaced and Jason lets 'er run! A full, step off the side of the bike, sidesaddle, tankslapper down the ruts. Awesome!

Jason: The fact that no one crashed on the Wonnangatta Epix.

Toughest moments?

Ash: Running across the Major Mitchell Plateau on the Grampians Epix for 18km, racing darkness, along boulders with little to no track marking. A slight slip meant a broken ankle, and a logistical nightmare to resolve! Clifftops and ridgelines meant no chance of moving at night, so if we ran out of time, it was going to be a long night...

Jason: Climbing up Wonnangatta track out of Wonnangatta. Forty five minutes to the top, ouch…

Most 'fall off your bike funny' moment?

Ash: Whilst it wasn't on the bike, I was reminded of moment following the Wonnongatta Epix. All knackered after a long ride, in a remote place, on a stinking hot day, we were sitting preparing dinner. Swags lay around our campsite, and after Nat drained the dishwater from washing up, he picked up the bucket and hurled it in the dark. Right on top of Jason's open swag...

Jason: Nat losing the uhf radio on a super steep descend of around 5km long. The look on his face when I asked him to go and find it :(

And what was the best singletrack you rode all year??

Ash: After a fair bit of thought, I still think that Klingsporn has it all for me at the moment. There was plenty of good stuff at Castlemaine, and the YouYangs is mighty impressive at the moment, but my winner still has to be Buller/ Klingsporn

Jason: Murrays Trail. Super fast, technical, burms, logs, BMX style and loved it!

Best food find?

Ash: Without sounding naff, I'd have to say the Ascend choc mint bars. They are seriously the best tasting food I've had with me. They don't go soggy, can be consumed in the snow or the desert, they just rock!

Jason: Hot chips at the top of Buller after riding in the rain and mud for six hours.

Best new equipment for the year?

Ash: Every time we do an Epix, my camelback Havoc pack comes with me, so its a winner. A combined second place has to be the UHF radios and the new Elmo helmet cam!

Jason: This may sound corny but the new ozriders grips. No more sore hands while running alloy bars, problem solved.

What did you learn in 2008?

Ash: Don't plan rides from 30,000ft - unless you seek an adventure. Which we do :)

Jason: Never completely trust Google earth and local maps, tracks do change over time.


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