Friday, January 9, 2009

Lusty Lysterfield

Some days, you just gotta go!

And go we did, out to Lysterfield with seemingly the rest of the pedalling population of Melbourne. Its really great to see that many people getting out and about on mountain bikes, and the Lysterfield trail network really is a cool place to get started, or get faster!

Company today was Matty Hoffmann, out to work off some Xmas cheer he tells me. I reckon by looking at him, he'd blow away in a stiff breeze, but others disagree apparently. Either way, he's still flying and developing the itch to race again too!

Sorry, all we got is self portraits... Tell you what thought, I was rocking those Ozriders grips gloveless yesterday, and they were very impressive. Grippy, still spongy, not bad at all!

I used to have one of these LTS3000 in 'atomic grape' colour, many moons ago. And they were so much fun, so when I saw this one, I had to take a picture on the way by.

And you know the Hoff is getting 'er out there and loose, when you tell him to 'give it a bit' for the camera, and he's so sideways he fills the bead with dirt and leaves!

There should be a quick Elmo movie to come shortly!

Get outside, its brilliant out there!!

In sad news, my new road bike is still a few months off *sob*...

However, these look fun!


Norm said...

Hey Ash, love reading your blog...

But you know, we have some awesome epics, down our way.

We have two favs, both are 70k+ round trips, and both have lunch stops...

Big downhills, big climbs. You will have to come along one time.

Ash Thomas said...

Thanks norm,

amusingly an epix is already in the planning stages for late feb, early march down your way, and you are on our list of to-call people!



Zero said...

5 inches of travel and you still want more!?

Randall said...

5.75 is where he wants to be....