Friday, January 23, 2009

New bike nerves

I've personally had a few spins on the new 09 Felt Compulsion, and I'm getting to love it. Yeah, I know, its a big big, and its pretty heavy, but with that Equilink you really can pedal that sucker around. 6 inches of travel and it pedals like its got 3 or 4!! And that Maxle, whilst its a pain to transport the bike, HOLY HELL is it tough and direct!! I'm now barking the tyres along the side of singletrack where before the wheel would deflect and go all over the shop. Its super tough!! :)

So anyway, more saddle time is needed to really get to know the bike. A lot of people have looked with scorn at this bike saying its too big and heavy, but hell to them - we'll prove you can take a good suspension design anywhere!