Sunday, March 1, 2009

Back into the Dandenongs on Saturday morning, bright and early. Well, not as early as some would have liked, but a nice happy time :) Making the trip out was Bellie, Ben, Matt and Jason, and myself (bloggers ride?). Kicking off from the 'pony club', we headed up into the hills with the intention of crossing over the top and checking out trails on the other side of the hill.

The Compulsions passed with more than flying colours. They absolutly killed the downhills, beyond all expectations, and uphill they were excellent. Whilst they are no lightweught crosscountry bikes, they have uch amazing efficiency when the road points uphill that we have no qualms about following people anywhere at all.

Some decent climbing took place to wake everyone up, I seem to remember 500vert in 7 k's or something like that. Whatever it happened to be, for a social fun ride, there was some stem chewing going on out the back. The bite marks should buff out....

(sweet house eh?!)

Once over the top, we bumped into one of many road bunches criss-crossing the hill, with this one containing mountain biker Tim McColl. Rolling down to Olinda saw knobbies mixing with skinny tires, and some good giggles.

In the middle of the ride, it all gets a bit selectivly hazy. All I can remember is having my arms 'stinging' towards the end of whatever it was we were doing, and having a huge grin on our dials. ;) There are some trails that are just too much fun up there in the hills! And big travel bikes with oversize front axles just make it sooo much damn fun!!!

Heading back over the hill towards home.

So in all, one flat from some more errant rim tape, Ascend bars being chomped all over the place, plenty of climbing, and some awesome singletrack! Good times with good company, and I can't wait to get back out there!

And we couldn't resist leaving you without a picture of Randall who managed to lay it over, on a fire road within sight of the cars. His comment after the crash was something along the lines of 'I looked back as I flew through the air and noticed that my bike was a fair way behind me...'

I dunno, maybe you just had to be there, but it defied belief...