Friday, March 13, 2009

Could it be?

I looks like my F1C may have been sold, although I'm yet to see the cash in hand.

If thats the case, look out for a new bike, the AR2!!

Here's the good oil on it!

And speaking of good oil and bad segue's, we're still in the testing phase of the new Squirtz dry chain lube. And its looking the goods. I've gone through the proper testing (as per the instructions) and now its time to misuse it. To see what happens when its used in the real world! Too much, too little, mud (!?) dust and general neglect are all things that need to tested when you get a new product, to see if its going to hold up! We've been using the Squirtz lube for months now, and its doing really well. A bit of rain will be the test! We'll let you know!