Wednesday, March 11, 2009

This is a response to a question posed in the comments section in regards to Night Lightning lights.

"Hi guys,

Tried to find an email address but this seems like the best place to get in contact. I have a weird question. I noticed that one of the riders in these posts wears a Bell Sweep helmet. And I know that you are sponsored by Nightlightning. I have recently purchased a Bell Sweep to replace my old MET Annaxagore 2.

My question is, I'm struggling to work out how to best attach the Nightlightning to the Bell. It doesn't have a "nice" setup like the MET. Do you guys have any tips on how to get it mounted on a Bell?"

G'day Fabian,

After at least 4 years, and possibly more, this is the solution that I use to keep the lights on my helmet. That velcro that is used, (available at Bunnings I've since discovered) is just amazing. Get it in contact and it just sticks so well. Make sure the helmet is clean before you stick it on, and then this position allows my lights to shine perfectly where I need them to go.

Hope this helps,



Fabian said...

Hi Ash,

Thanks for the post. I guess I wasn't clear on what I was after, but you did end up explaining where you put the velcro, which is really all I needed. I wasn't sure if that position you placed it in would be the right angle, but I have put some there and will test it over the weekend. BTW that velcro is a 3M product called "Dual lock". Unfortunately here in Brisbane they don't stock it in Bunnings and I've had to go far afield to find some (I bought a metre of it a couple of years ago when I first got the lights).

While I'm asking questions, how do you usually wear the light and battery? I've always had mine in a camelback, but as I've gotten more competitive I've dropped the camelback and now am struggling with where to run the wire (I have an inline switching one). I've currently settled on running the cable under my jersey and out the bottom with the battery in my jersey pocket. If I don't run it under my jersey, I find that the cable flops around annoyingly when I lean forward.