Thursday, March 26, 2009

The true test of man and machine!

Wednesday night I ventured out with Mr T on his new Virtue Team to head down and join the FTF crew for another eventful ride. As some know this ride/slugfest is a great way to test your fitness and equipment. With that in mind I figured it was time to do some testing of my own.


5.25pm, Test 1- Local knowledge: Can you ride one of my local descents that is rutted out at twice the speed that I would normally ride into it?
Answer: Nooo, the outcome is you fall off at the bottom and land in a tree that hangs over the Mullum Creek.

7.40pm, Test 2- Tire pressure: Can I get away with 30psi in the rear tyre and bomb a rocky descent at warp speed without pinch flatting?

Answer: Noo, I can only make it half way.
8.20pm, Test 3, Choosing new lines: While following the contour of the single track can I turn left and create a new line even though the track is heading right?

Answer: Hmmm, No. If the track is heading right and the river is on my left I think not.

8.25pm, Test 4, Will my bike float and will I find it in the water?

Answer: YES. As long as I crash my brains out and fling it into the river at 30km/h. Finding the bike was easy, just make sure my rear flashing light is on and there is no problems.

Don't mind the water coming from my bike, it will stop soon.
Big thanks must go to all of the FTF riders that helped made this test possible.