Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ascend Domestiques.

As Ash mentioned it was an early rise to get down to Torquay for the 7:30 am start of the145km loop around the Great Ocean and Otway region.

Fellow Ascend ambassador John Claxton joined me for the road trip.

The holding yard at the start was very casual and everyone was reminded of all the road rules by the friendly local Policeman. With all the formal requirements out of the way, they let the riders roll away in small packs to keep the roads safe for all.

As Clacker and I were dressed for the good weather to follow in the day and too stubborn to carry a vest and arm warmers around, we decided we needed to get warm and heat things up alittle. With the pace car ahead and our jaws locked by the cold snap, we descended into a gully full of fog whilst rolling some solid turns. All was going well and the pace was kept high right until Clacker informed me that his choice of gloves had left his little pinkies out in the weather and he wished he had full fingered gloves on like me, ohhrrrr…

As the weather heated up and the fog was no were to be seen the conversations in the bunch started and the ride took shape. We had around 60 riders in this group from all walks of life.
With around 70kms behind us we reached Deans Marsh and the first Ascend feed zone to let all the participating riders fill up with the new Ascend recovery drink.

Manning the drink station was Ascend/Murray Goulburns very own General Manager, Peter Hobman and International Sales and Marketing Manager Stewart Davey. The boys were in their element!! Out in the country side on a magical morning showing off their new products they most dearly love.

This is what I love about the Ascend Company and products! This is a company that don’t want to sit behind a desk and read about what happened and what people think of their products, they want to shake your hand look you in the eye and ask you what YOU think of the product and then, which is most important, they listen.

With a new group of riders coming though we pushed on and mingled as we climbed our way to the top of the only real climb of the day. And by george was it worth it. For the next 10km we descended our way through the Otway Ranges at mach 3. This descent is one to put on your wish list for future rides, fast, flowing and no death defying blind hair pin corners to be found when its all too late.

As we pointed the bikes home, the Great Ocean Road showed us just what a special place this country side is to ride. We were exceptionally lucky as Mother Nature blessed this ride and there was not a breath of wind to be found from Lorne to Torquay.
Check out just how many people came out to watch us ride past… I think not!

The loop set out by the Super Sprint Team worked well. Marshalls at every corner, on motor bikes and in support vehicles. With the amount of signage along the roadside you were left with a sense of security on the road.Smiles all round, we made it!
Check here for the next ride and please don’t think you can enter just before the closing entry date or on the day as they fill fast and many will miss out.

See you there, Jason