Monday, January 11, 2010

Running for office in Struggletown...

So we've all got dreams right. And goals. Some of them take a while to get around to, some of them take a crapload of work, and some just plain seem on the outer reaches of reality. And then there is the psychos that intend competing in the Hawaiian Ironman - this guy has such goals..!

So with Nath back in town for a few weeks, I've had him round a few times and its always ended well. For example, (back story, he lives in london at the mo, works in the Financial sector) he doesn't get much opportunity to get his hands dirty, so when he asked if he could dig a hole in the back yard, I said 'sure'! Of course, being cold, and boys, we ended up having a fire in it :)

So next visit, over a few beers, I suggested he join us for a roll next morning, leaving a bit early. Whilst it was midnight already, and we needed to meet at 6.15am, he said 'sure' and that was that... (Psycho...) Sure enough, next morning, second ride in a very long time, there he appeared!

With Jason making the mission over to the beachside of the world from the mountain land in which he lives, our little trio headed to the supposedly easy flat beach...

Glorious mornin!!

Nath aboard his Mongoose IBOC with baby tri bars took us back to a bad place in history... He spent the day drooling over the 762 Cervelo's that cruise Beach Road.

And so we rolled down to the beach until we popped out a BlackRock, without even thinking about Hell Ride, until someone said, 'are we going to make it?' Sure enough, we rolled past the clocktower 15min early so we just kept going. Hooking onto a cruisy bunch, we rolled down past Mordy, and then Jase got impatient... Typical mountain biker 'reckon we can bridge to that other bunch'...? 'Awh hell yeah' and off we went. Heart rates going stupid, chewing the stem and the memories coming back.

HellRide caught us at Frankston with this guy, and we hit Olivers before turning back and doing it all again... And it seemed twice as hard. Nath nearly made it all the way back to Mordy, but it was a road too far, and the train ran out of steam almost within sight, but not before I saw 198 on his hrm, so it wasn't that he wasn't trying!!

Block headbreeze felt like a cyclone all the way home, but we got there, whilst I chomped down on the Ascend bars, knowing that as a current home renovator, my day wasn't going to end there.

It was a cracker of a day out there, and a good bit of smashing cleanses the soul...

See you out there...

And the Hawaiian Ironman, not on your nellie..... Nuts....!!