Friday, January 8, 2010

Stretching our legs.

2009 v's 2010

A friend of mine, Mr GC found that he wanted to spend more time on top of his six week old 2010 Felt F1 road bike. Would you believe this is his first road bike. We set out to top his longest ride of around 75km in 2:45min. GC also has his own 2009 Felt Virtue 1 at home but found that his consistent road/mtb rides on the mtb around Wandong left him wanting to head out further from home and let his hair down after a big day on the tools.

We set off in the direction of Whittlesea and Kinglake. The climb up from Humevale has had a dramatic change since the fires.

Me trying to do the right thing.

Me being nice!!!

The only problem with riding such a fine bike is you have no excuses not to perform at your best.

When we returned to our cars we had racked up 89.56km. I was happy to call it a day but GC wouldn’t stop until he reached his new record of 90km in 3:15min.

Today, I had a new line on my arm to remind me to do something before I go riding?????