Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lookie at the kids out on the beach! The nice weather surely does draw 'em out! About a gazillion people out there, and sure enough, carbon met pavement...

Jase and Matt rolled down from the hills after a hazy, late evening organization for a stint of Beach road magic... Rolling out of bed a little tardy and clocking an impressive 8 minute transition, the boys were on the bikes and heading for the beach. Amidst a few bleary phone calls back and forth, we met up and tempo'd down to the beach, as chasing on was *not* an option!

About 9 million of our closest friends showed up as well, and was a 50km/h trundle down and around without too much worry, and I did a great job keeping an eye on the whole bunch from the rear, doing the yo-yo on the back with Cam Carlyle. And we both decided that the extra effort was worth at least one extra training session, so we banked it for a day when we can't be bothered riding :)

Big hardman Neil was rolling around, handing out wheels wherever he felt the urge, including asking Jason 'where he'd like to be for the sprint'. There's a reliable wheel, and sure enough delivery was prompt. Sadly, JJ was one smashed unit from staying out of trouble and nothing came of the hard work. Amusingly tho, Vic's finest seemed a little bit peeved towards the end of the ride and may have done something to disrupt people riding hard towards a roundabout (if you know what I mean) yet the sum total of their actions was a mess of broken bikes and people sitting on the road... And amazingly there must have been something important happening elsewhere as the uniformed people made themselves very scarce all of a sudden. There might have been some pretty upset skinny white guys ;)

Anyway, I got dropped off on the way home whilst the boys still had another hour of hills, so I'm sure they'll remember the k's in the bank when they are emptying the contents of their fridges into their necks...

Enjoy the day :)


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