Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Transporting the other bits

For many years, transporting bikes has been a challenge. I can put my hand up to say that I've taken 3 off my roofracks into the shed roof, not a very good record I'll admit. Like most people, I've tried plenty of solutions. For a while I had a trailer when doing national rounds back in the day as we used to do trials, downhill, XC and needed different bikes for all of it. The bike beak style never really took off for me, after the exhaust blew a few road bike tyres, and you'd live in constant fear and trepidation of tearing your bike off on a speedhump.

This is the latest from interbike, courtesy of Cyclingnews

Roofracks seemed to be the best solution for a while, until I got into 4wd. Having something high on your roof was not idea after that point. Swaying side to side put stresses on it that where never intended. Low branches, well.... :( So I resorted to keeping it inside. Safer, protected yet it just takes up so much space, and to bring it home dirty is a pain.

And then, like any good telemarketer would say, I discovered the ISI Advanced Bike Carrier System, for lack of a catchy name...

Just looks like a tow hitch carrier, at first glance. But its so not!! Firstly the thing is designed to be taken off road. For real, not just pretending over a curb to find a park at a race site. Stress analysis testing, fully engineered and profoundly well thought out and executed. Everything that users like me would desire in a product has been added to this unit.

Spare wheels are often mounted on the back of a 4wd. This means that a standard carrier is compromised, not being able to be used the way it was designed. Have a look at how well this setup fits, as it heads towards a reasonably extreme setup for day to day use.

The PowerPivot system -

The mounting system -

And finally, because we all like to look after our bikes, its best to keep them high and dry!

Now whilst I currently don't own one, I'm happily intending to pay full whack for a lifetime of good karma and reliable bike transport. Have a look into them, and get out there!

This has been a community service announcement put together by me in the interest of comfortable bike transportation to remote destinations. Now get outside and ride your bike!


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