Sunday, October 2, 2011


Epix was always multifaceted. The idea centred around the adventure, and we went to great lengths to ensure we stayed true to that. As I look through the photos of our past rides, its easily evident that we got amongst it with our friends.  A lot of the riding was able to take place with the aid of a 4wd to get us to certain destinations, and it was an enjoyable part of each trip. As I eluded to, I had a bit of a winter project - I kinda bent my truck a little. Or a lot, depending on how you look at it.

Broken one above

New one purchased from auctions in Darwin below, prior to being sent to the spraypainter.

A rollover or two pretty well put paid to that vehicle, so I've basically build another one from scratch. Basically every part of the car except the body and the chassis has been removed and replaced. Some wag told me there is 40,000parts in a landcruiser. I've handled 38,000 of them....! For the car people out there, I've swapped the new truck from a petrol to a diesel, from a manual to an auto and from knackered to nice. A complete car, to a bare shell and back together again. Something I've never done before, and hopefully will only ever do to help someone in small bursts again!

Plenty of work, and help from friends has almost got me to the point of being ready to get out into the bush again. And not before time too. Riders would well know that being unable to have some sort of exercise outlet means fat and grumpy people...

So with the truck nearly finished, the bike in fine fettle from GVRaceTech's spanners, and the sun occasionally poking through, its almost time to learn to ride again!