Friday, April 11, 2008

After wednesday night, there been a few questions about the ride, and I guess all the hard data would be contained in this GPS plot from Grover who did this wednesday night. Its got speed, elevation, and everything you could ever need. In actual fact I believe that you can download this data, put it into your own Garmin 305, and follow the same route.

For those interested in getting on board the GPS market, my Edge 305 will be coming up for sale shortly. It still has the box, all the leads and disc and the like, and is good to go! Check back later as details firm up.

Also whilst we speak of future plans, the new 09 Felt Range is slowly starting to make its way into living colour, and I can tell you that an exciting new road bike is on the horizon. Which means that ya'll better start the savings plans up, as there will be an awesome F1C up for sale! Full Dura Ace, Ceramic bearings, Ksyriums, High Modulous Carbon, and sneaking over the UCI weight limit only just!

More to come over the weekend, as well as a Nightlightning first look, and some more news from Ascend Sport. Enjoy it out there!!