Monday, April 28, 2008

'Ascending' the box

Well how about that! Jason decided to strap on a number this weekend, having realized that he was still packing some decent race legs, and handed out a great performance. In response to a hasty text message, the response was the he was the 'first old bloke to finish'. You check the results to see if his modesty is deserved.

I'll squeeze a race report out of him whilst we plan the finer details of the next Epix, and I'll see if we can't scrape together some photos of the man. But from the outer, I'd be tipping that his new Felt RXC hardtail played a pretty major roll, and that the Ascend has really started to take its full effect. It would appear that solo rider John Claxton has also been welcomed into the ascend family, and I would hazard a guess that few do it harder than him, so stay tuned to see how it works!!