Wednesday, April 30, 2008

We think Jason has dined out enough of the back of his success on the weekend, so we thought we should bring to your attention some excellent performances in the racing arena over the week!

Trent and Richie England killing it at Tour de Georgia (interview videos on BigMak's site)
Offenberg WC #2
Chris Jongewaard 29th
Lachie Norris 47th
Paul VD Ploeg juuuuuust pulled on time limit...
D-Mac - sick and tired, lap 3 retirement.

Dellys Starr 38th
Emma Colson - juuuuuust pulled as well.
Rowena Fry - same time.

On the back of Jason's victory last weekend, we headed out together for a road hitout with the fitzroy crew on the beach. It turns into a smash fest every week, and this week was no exception. Full asthma cough, the works, and you know you're hittin' it hard! Jase and I had a good bash along the beach, giving it everything, so thats always a nice way to spend a night.

Back into the Ascend as well, and the legs feel like nothing has happened! Too easy with that stuff! :)

Whilst it would have been nice to get the Nightlightning iBlaast out on the road, its kinda frowned upon as the street lights provide enough soft light, and the brilliance of the Night Lightning's would upset a few people as everyone rolls turns so regularly. So they stayed in their box for tonight, although our flashing Smart lights helped keep us safe. Speaking of which, word is that we'll have some new design Smart lights hanging off our bikes shortly, so we wait and see what they've dreamt up!

Finally, some new tools arrived for us from IceToolz, just some small items, but quite handy by the look of it! I've not broken them out in anger yet, but we'll see how they go. By the looks, there is a chain checker with instructions on how to use it - very handy! And also a set of 'chain holders' which take the tension off the chain whilst you use a breaker to get it apart. So I'll give them a run and see how they go!