Sunday, May 4, 2008

Hell ride for some.

With all the rain we have had during the week, myself and a few of the eastern suburb guys decided to get off the dirt and head down to the Hell ride hoping to get some speed in the legs for the up and coming Epix rides.

With the Hell ride’s regular pace car beside us, the bunch has no choice but abide by the road rules. This system of cyclists and police working together is realistic to cater with the numbers of participants, and works better than one might think!!

Every time a car would approach the rear of the bunch and then proceed to pass the riders, the police car would simply give the car a quick hit of the siren and indicate to move on. This kept the bunch in one lane at all times and stopped the motorist from getting caught up amongst the riders.

But there is always one idiot who thinks it’s cool to toy with police. This idiot, not only swerved in-between riders, but in front of the police car at the traffic lights. This happened on at least two occasions. I am definitely not a frequent *Hell rider*, so I was in no position to let this CHUMP (US, slang) the opposite of a champ; a loser) know what I thought of him!! We arrived at the next set of lights to only find the CHUMP was at it again. This must have been the straw that broke the camel’s back for another rider because he let loose in a BIG way!!!!

After copping a full spray that would have had a wharfie blushing quietly, the CHUMP proceeded to the rear of the bunch with his tail between his legs and I had a smile from ear to ear. Self regulation at its finest really!

The moral of my story is why the F**K do people think it’s cool to spoil a great ride at everyone else’s expense!!!!!!

The police car continued to follow the ride with no hiccups. At one point he parked the cop car in the middle of the intersection and stopped the traffic allowing the ride to get on its way. All riders gave the man in blue a thumbs up and proceeded to smash themselves apart once again.

On a good note the Hell ride is a must for someone looking for a good hit out . 100 or so riders smashing themselves to pieces at 50 - 55km’s hr for an hour and a half. And if you reckon that we can take a photo in that time, you're kidding yourself, although Ash has seemed to have managed in the past...?!


By the time we got home we had clocked up 160km’s by 11am, and loved it!