Sunday, May 18, 2008

Winter cometh

It was a pretty miserable weekend for bike type action this weekend, but it hasn't seemed to have stopped anyone in Melbourne at least. The blogs have been going great guns recently, giving us all heaps of reading material, with sadly some exceptions including ourselves.

This weekend I had the opportunity to assist the guys and girls at the with their weekend camp at Anglesea. I'm not an advertorial for them, as I was a last minute addition, but they certainly offer a great service for all levels of rider. Check 'em out if you're in the market for some coaching or tuition, at any level.

Down at Anglesea was an absolute mud fest. The clay sticks the sand to everything, and the muddy water serves to wash it through beautifully. All the little tricks like silicon spraying everything, mud guards, 'wet' chain lube, nothing was destined to help in these conditions. Every rider there went thought the better part of a complete set of pads. Amusingly, I had a set of the Innova tractor tyres on, and they shed the mud like they had a teflon coat!

And whilst the weather was poorly, someone took advantage of the falling moisture to add some trail to the works that were started many hours ago... Another 6 hours on the tools sees the trail starting to take some better shape. Oh, the fun to come!


Troy Bailey said...

Looks like all your hard work is coming together, Some sweet looking trails, Nice work lads.


Norm said...

Thanks Ash, was great having you, and can't wait to have you again at our next camp