Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ascend, listening to the athletes.

That’s right they listen! Once again they are working with their athletes to create products that not only assist you in gaining muscle strength, endurance and recovery, they are designing their products to be consumed while on the go.

We have been testing the muscle bar and recovery bar now for around two months. The recovery bar, A.K.A mint aero bar, firstly tastes brilliant which always helps! Secondly you are able to chew and digest it at the same time as you concentrate on maintaining your training/racing intensity.

The muscle bar is great to consume after a weight or riding session when you are still on the run. I eat it on the way home from my long rides (4-5hrs) to aid recovery and found it to work well.

The muscle pre-mixed drink has also just been handed to us. The taste and texture is alittle stronger than the self mix amount that is recommended, but it beats taking to work or in the car a shaker, milk and a container full of powder that everyone asks, “what’s that you are mixing up?”

The bars and pre-mixed drinks are yet to hit the shelves, but not to far away. When they arrive, we strongly suggest you include them in (your essential tool kit) while free riding, weights training or racing. You will not regret it!!

If you want more info on Ascend click here or please feel free to ask us.