Wednesday, August 13, 2008

In the past few weeks, we've been graced by some great new products here at Epix, and another one to arrive is the crown race remover from Xpert tools. We've all been in that situation working on a bike, normally an expensive bike, and you need to remove the headset race. Short of getting a chisel, or ruining a screwdriver and the fork crown, you seem to hit a problem every time. Now some of the large tool manufactures make a a specific product (which is excellent) but the the home garage hobbiests, this crown race remover could be just the shot.

With 2 pinch bolts to tighten the collar under the crown race, one simply nips it up nice and snug and then with a hammer and a punch, work your way around the collar and the press fitted crown race will slip right off. Brilliant!