Monday, August 18, 2008

Castlemaine - assisting with suntans year round...

Our apologies for not getting the story to you as soon as some but with getting home at 8.30pm, an 8 hour epix and a naturally early morning, its all gotten a bit much! So, the photos are almost ready, we've got a little vid for you this time as well, and whilst we appreciate you stopping by, you'll just have to do so again shortly :)

We did however, have a hell of a lot of fun out there, and a special thanks need to go to Nick from the Castlemaine Rocky Riders and Jake from Castlemaine cycles. 2 big hearted blokes who without their assistance and guidance (which some might content we didn't really follow...) we couldn't have had anywhere near the adventure that we did. So thank you very much from all of us who rode yesterday!

The full story and pictures will be up asap.